Chajul Eye Of The Sky Pillow

This gorgeous one-of-a-kind textile was handwoven in Chajul, Guatemala. Each stitch a work of love for a woman weaver. Multiple generations of women work on these designs and weave in their homes. 

Mikaela works as a community catalyst, traveling around the village and helping women sell their textiles in the markets around the country. Mikaela travels to Antigua and Chichicastenango every week to sell her designs and those of women who work from home. We commissioned these designs with her, and she works with women weavers in their homes to make these. The textile is made on a backstrap loom with an earthy burnt orange background and multi-color hand-threaded diamonds. 

These playful and colorful pillows will brighten up any bed!

* 18" x 18"

* Linen & textile

* Invisible zipper along bottom 

* one-of-a-kind, will not be restocked, 2 available

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