Belt Belt Belt Belt Belt

Hand stitched leather belt with a colorful geometric textile. Each textile was woven on a foot-pedal loom, requiring stunning patience, attention to detail, and coordination. The designs are symbolic of generations of culture and folklore. 

LARGE: 35 inches (buckle to middle knotch)

SMALL: 31 inches (buckle to middle knotch)

*Colors and patterns are unique to each belt, no two will be the same.

  • Made to order in our workshop in Pastores, Guatemala and shipped within 4-6 weeks, unless otherwise noted.
  • FREE shipping to the USA over $325
  • $16 Shipping to the USA under $325
  • INTERNATIONAL shipping available to all countries
  • Shipped directly from our workshop in Guatemala, which is over 2,000 miles from NYC! Our shipping partner helps create local jobs and training in Guatemala.