Presenting the amazing and wonderful Sonia Sandrita Bal and her exclusive collection of custom woven Teysha textiles.

Sonia and her family are a Guatemalan icon and have developed some of the most exciting Mayan textiles in the country. She and her team use a dynamic two person weaving technique which allows them to create these works of textile genius and ingenuity. She employs mostly students that are using weaving as a means to pay for their continued education. Sonia and her family are one of the few, key job creators in her community. 

You will see while one actually threads the loom, the other will pull the coordinating design in harmony with his weaving partner. Sonia and her father, who has trained her to carry this technique and these designs forward, carefully prepare these intricate systems of knots and spacing, thus setting the pattern for these incredible textiles to be brought to the universe! World Weavers... absolutely.