Artisan Originals

Teysha Artisan Originals - are made with original Mayan woven huipiles which we and our growing community of collaborators works to source from across Guatemala. These textiles are all originally woven by hand and worn and cared for by women in the highlands of Guatemala. These textiles are the prime art form, expression, and iconic fashion of these indigenous communities. Each textile is full of cultural imagery, the women’s own personal style, and incredibly well made to stand the test of time. The textiles are most often brocade woven (sometimes embroidered) on a back strap loom over the course of 2-4 months (sometimes longer), little by little every day. Once complete, the woman will wear her piece for 2-4 years and later look to sell her art to make a purchase for her family or self. We are proud to help bring these works to the world and help build access for these weaver’s art forms to the global community.

 Originals generate investment into the artisan economy. Often these textiles are sold out of necessity of the family or individual for some high reaching need like fixing the house, school books and supplies, kitchen improvements, or in unfortunate circumstances, family emergencies or debt. Huipiles are often the most valuable item and creation a Mayan woman is able to create and own outright. Through the development of our work, we are able to bring more investment to hundreds of weavers and bring them into our World Weavers community in hopes of creating long term support. We keep these priced as accessibly as we can while also paying 20-30% above market rates for the textiles, this allows us to keep strong investment and support as many artisans as possible while also ensuring we slowly help raise the market and value of these textiles in general in hopes of bringing the most benefit to the weaving economy and community.