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The Teysha Journal

Teysha is a collective of explorers, travelers, designers, and adventurers. Take a peek behind the scenes of our handcrafted goods and our world travels.

Giveaway with Keep Austin Stylish!

 We are so excited that Keep Austin Stylish is doing a Kuna Kicks giveaway with us!!  Visit the blog at and fill out the form to be entered to win! Good luck!  And if you don't win, be sure to come check us out at Austin City Limits this weekend!
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Project Twist: People and Nature. Artists and Farmers.

  We are SO excited to announce the launch of Project Twist this weekend in Austin!! We'll also be filming for our upcoming Kick Starter campaign, AND having a sale on our brand new Kuna Kicks!  This is going to be a very family friendly event, so come one, come all! And if you haven't been before, HOPE Farmers Market is a wonderful place to grab breakfast or lunch.  Project Twist: People and Nature. Artists and Farmers. Supporting conservation and sustainable agriculture projects locally and globally. Organic Texas cotton t-shirts printed with local art, and a twist by you. Brought to you by: HOPE Campaign and Teysha.  Come down to the HOPE farmer's market on Sunday the 15th for the launch...
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Thank you to the Teysha community!

What a whirlwind of excitement, learning, all nighters, beautiful chaos, hard work and joy the past few months have been! It’s hard to believe that it was only six months ago when we arrived in Panama with open minds and open hearts, looking for a way to make the world a smaller place through socially driven business. When we officially launched Teysha in May, we had no idea what to expect. We set out on this journey to learn along the way. Put our minds to testing out our ideas, going back to the drawing board, and getting back out there. We're bootstrapping as best we can, Googling a lot, and learning every chance we get from our great mentors...
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Journeys in Kuna Yala: Part One

The morning had begun bright and early, with me stepping out of my ocean side hut and leaving the quiet Isla Azuelo to go and hang out on Carti Sugdup. The Kuna community comes alive by 6:45 am, and it being Satrurday all the kids were outside playing volleyball, soccer, running around. I heard some music and peered through a line of huts and saw the whoosh and whirl of big skirts. As I peeped in, there was a group of about 20 kids practicing the "tipico" dance of the Los Santos region in the Azuero Peninsula. Not a community related to the Kunas, but the children were practicing the dances for a school celebration of Panamanian cultures. The boys...
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Kuna Kicks: an investment into people and nature.

 The Kuna are a vibrant people, fiercely independent, and live in one of the most beautiful places in the world. They inhabit the Comarca Kuna Yala, an autonomous region of Panama that consists of roughly 360 absolutely stunning islands off of the Panamanian isthmus and the inward strip of the mainland.  On these lands they live a very traditional lifestyle and sustain themselves through fishing in their dugout canoes, subsistence agriculture, hunting, gathering, their art form (Mola making), and, increasingly so, tourism. Their islands boast a gazillion coconuts palms, sand so soft you might decide to stay, and, of course, hammocks galore. In fact, the Kuna revere hammocks so much they are married, buried, and even conduct official village business...
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Teysha Ambassadors and Village Catalysts

We're currently seeking Teysha Ambassadors and Village Catalysts to grow our family and our mission. Do you believe in helping protect our planet's rich cultural and environmental treasures? Be a part of a growing movement to build a new form of industry that works to cultivate cultural diversity and biodiversity. We have shoes to fill! Teysha Ambassadors These folks are Teysha's vanguard. They are our community representatives who work to generate opportunities for our artisan communities, raise awareness and support for the Global Village Initiative. Ambassadors should be passionate about their work to unleash and empower global creativity and equally committed to the values Teysha seeks to uphold. Ambassadors should be self-starters who are looking to take matters into their own...
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