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The Teysha Journal

Teysha is a collective of explorers, travelers, designers, and adventurers. Take a peek behind the scenes of our handcrafted goods and our world travels.

Holiday Gifting - Gifts that make a difference

We love the Holiday season because it's a time to connect with family and friends, slow down, and focus on showing and sharing our gratitude.  Of course, the Holidays also come with gifting, so we wanted to share our current favorites which would make great gifts.  Who doesn't love handcrafted goods that help make a deep impact in the lives of artisans?! A few of our favorites: 1) The Teysha Market Bag -- The perfect size for everything from farmer's market trips, work, weekend adventures, etc :) 2) The Gypsy Wallet -- a wallet that can hold all of your needs -- perfect for traveling, keeping your things organized and transferring from bag to bag.  3) Wool Blanket -- cozy, soft,...
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Teysha Studio 101

As a Teysha Team, we have organically grown from our original starting place. We still have the same beautiful workshop and artisans, but our style is evolving. As we delve into more refined styles, we have brought aboard creative minds to strategically work together. Heading to Guatemala as a team, we sat down to see where we could grow next. Analyzing our skills and materials while looking back over the history of shoe making, we created what we are excited to release as the Teysha Studio - a refined, female led and focused brand that encompasses the classic, colorful, fun and funky aspects of life. We are beyond proud to share all the exciting styles to come and couldn't be...
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Nature is Art is Nature

We were thrilled to check out Ritual Mandala's beautiful installation this weekend at the Newport Folk Festival. Melissa Glorieux designed her dream pair of Teysha Vaquera boots a few months ago featuring a beautiful floral and geometric textile woven in Chichicastenango. We were so inspired by Melissa's knack for seeing the natural beauty that is all around us.  In Melissa's own words: "My mandalas are a combination of creative expression and a sort of a being-in-the-moment meditation. I’m inspired by the tradition in eastern religions that a mandala represents the cosmos or universe. My mandalas are made from locally foraged materials. As a result, each mandala ends up being a representation of the local “universe”. The materials used in my mandalas...
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Making Shoes With A Conscience

Thanks to World Wanderlust for a lovely write up! The World Wanderlust is an international news outlet that sets out to bridge gaps between cultures. At Teysha, we aim to build bridges, not borders, so we couldn't be more happy that World Wanderlust dedicated time to write about us.  If you make your way to Antigua, you must come visit our workshop!! We can't wait to host you and show you the beautiful process of hand making shoes! Read the full article HERE. Salud!
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Teysha's Ethical Fashion Guide: 5 Picks for Spring

Spring is blooming, temperatures are rising, and we can't wait to adventure outside!!  One of my absolute favorite things about working in the ethical fashion world is all of the fabulous and inspiring businesses we've become friends with over the years. I've also personally become such a different shopper/ consumer through this journey, going from a closet(s) overstuffed with too much random/ cheap stuff I rarely wore, to a very parsed down wardrobe, focusing on quality over quantity. It feels amazing to be able to support items that I know are made with care, made with respect for the makers, and help fellow badass females grow their businesses and impact.  Check out some of my favorite picks below, and definitely follow these...
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Empowered by women all over the world!

If you're on the search for empowered women, Guatemala is an incredible place to start. In a country where machismo culture rules, women face challenges from sun up to sun down, from birth until death. This doesn't stop them from pushing boundaries, challenging the restrictions put upon them, rising above stereotypes to support their families and pave new roads to success.  Some of the most inspiring women I know here run their own businesses, create with their hands, set their own prices, and support their families all at once! Sonia is a not only a mother, but she runs her family business of textile weavers. She designs and sells textiles to small shops around Guatemala, and is an entrepreneur in the...
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TRAMA Textiles: a 100% worker-owned women’s weaving cooperative in Guatemala

TRAMA TEXTILES   TRAMA Textiles is a 100% worker-owned women’s weaving cooperative in Guatemala. TRAMA provides work for over 400 women and their families, across five regions in Guatemala’s Western highlands. We pay the women up front and in full for their work, and they are guaranteed a fair wage for what they produce. This means women in our communities can earn an income to support themselves and their families, in a region where paid work is hard to find.   "In 1988, after some of the most devastating years of Guatemala´s civil war, our association was formed. The civil war was a time when most of the men from our communities: our grandfathers, fathers, brothers and sons, disappeared. During this difficult time,...
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Spring Mola Collection

There are so many things we love about the Kuna Yala territory of Panama. The crystal clear oceans and beaches, the palm trees, the fresh fish. But the most amazing part is the Kuna community. As one of the only autonomous indigenous tribes in the world, the Kuna nation has kept so many of their traditions going strong to this day.  I first came to Kuna Yala in 2012 and was immediately enthralled with the bright colors everywhere -- the women's arms and legs were wrapped in colorful beads, they wore colorful skirts, and their blouses were absolute masterpieces. The centerpiece of the blouse is called a Mola, and consists of intricately hand sewn layers of fabric. The women begin...
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4 Ways to Give this Holiday Season

  Thanks for spreading the love!  
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The Teysha Guide to Gift Giving, made with LOVE!

We firmly believe in the power of our purchases to impact the lives of others. From our roots in Microfinance and community development in Latin America, we know that the millions of makers, weavers, farmers, designers, and crafters around the world are the engines and sparks that can make our world a more diverse and prosperous place. Each and every purchase you make can bring opportunity to these amazing communities -- we hope you'll consider supporting some of the following companies as you consider your gifts this Holiday season.  A few of our favorite places to shop for ethically-made, empowering and vibrant goods:   HIPTIPICO Photo courtesy of Hiptipico  Hiptipico - Hiptipico works with artisans all over our beloved Guatemala to create the...
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