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Love Stories -- Charmie + Aaron

Charmie and Aaron's magical, mystical, VIBRANT wedding combines so many of the things we love -- pops of color, the beautiful magic of the Southwest, and of course handcrafted goods. Charmie is the creator of New Crop, a journey through the world bringing you handcrafted and intentional goods. Her wedding dress is the epitome of handcrafted beauty, and so naturally her charming husband-to-be, Aaron, needed some handcrafted art for his feet!  The colors and intentions behind each piece of Charmie and Aaron's ceremony fills our hearts with joy!    << We would love to be part of your special day by making you a pair of custom boots. We can add embroidery, custom textiles, and new styles, to fully represent you...

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Love Stories -- Jacki + Chris

It all began as an instagram love affair between the Rock Your Bliss gals and Team Teysha. Who were these lively, inspiring rock stars, and when could we meet?! After sharing some sunset yoga and wine in Venice Beach with Jacki and Mary Beth, it was more than apparent that we were all of the same tribe. Rock Your Bliss is dedicated to empowering people to find and share their unique gifts with the world, and using goal setting and yoga to do so! We were beyond thrilled when Jacki got engaged and approached us about doing some uber special and full of love wedding boots for herself and her bridal party.  For her boots, Jacki wanted simple tones that were...

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