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The Teysha Journal — volunteer

Teysha is a collective of explorers, travelers, designers, and adventurers. Take a peek behind the scenes of our handcrafted goods and our world travels.

Teysha Intern Field Report: Philip S.

Guest post by our summer intern, Philip Sansone, a Fusion Academy high-school student from Austin, Texas. Philip spent time in Guatemala experiencing the culture and craft of shoemaking and all of the history and fun that Guatemala has to offer!  I’ll be honest, I wasn't that excited to be leaving my house and computer for a week. However, when I got there my mind was slowly changed because the people I met were so kind and the city has a certain awe and charm to it that draws you in. I mean, you look at a building and it looks old-timey and run down but you walk inside and it's one of the nicest darn places you have ever seen. This is...
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