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The Teysha Journal — travel

Teysha is a collective of explorers, travelers, designers, and adventurers. Take a peek behind the scenes of our handcrafted goods and our world travels.

Spring Mola Collection

There are so many things we love about the Kuna Yala territory of Panama. The crystal clear oceans and beaches, the palm trees, the fresh fish. But the most amazing part is the Kuna community. As one of the only autonomous indigenous tribes in the world, the Kuna nation has kept so many of their traditions going strong to this day.  I first came to Kuna Yala in 2012 and was immediately enthralled with the bright colors everywhere -- the women's arms and legs were wrapped in colorful beads, they wore colorful skirts, and their blouses were absolute masterpieces. The centerpiece of the blouse is called a Mola, and consists of intricately hand sewn layers of fabric. The women begin...
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Since we explored the mountains on Tuesday, we decided to visit the ocean yesterday. We swam and attempted to build a Teysha boot sandcastle and collected bits of smooth sea glass. The ocean is such a symbol of Earth’s powerful, vast beauty, just like the mountains the day before were. We think it’s good to take the time to submerge … Continue reading →
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Yesterday we built our pop-up shop. Right now it feels like a little beach house, with strung up lights and canvas walls. We met candle and djembe makers, and caught up with vendor friends from last year. We even started talking with someone who told us they’d recently walked through the Grand Canyon in their Teysha sandals! For dinner, we … Continue reading →
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On day two, we drove through a thunderstorm to Nashville, and stopped at a fried chicken joint recommended by some friends called Hattie B’s Hot Chicken. Hattie B’s is keepin earth weird by making their chicken “Fire Starter” hot! Then we headed over to get some reclaimed wood for our pop-up shop. We love how even this wood has a … Continue reading →
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As we headed towards Bonnaroo on our first day of the Teysha Tour, we passed big Texas skies and wide open pastures. When the sun began to sink as we neared the Arkansas border, we saw fields filled with sunflowers, turning their heads towards the last rays. Along the way, we pulled over at Czech Stop, in the tiny Texas … Continue reading →
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Today, the Teysha Team hits the road for Bonnaroo Music Festival! We’re so excited for all the adventures this trip will bring, and of course for the sunshine and music at the end of the road. We’re also testing out our brand new leather and cotton Traveler Bags, hand sewn in Guatemala. Travis and Sophie each packed two months worth of clothes in their … Continue reading →
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Fasten Your Seatbelts!

Another week has passed and with the adventures continuing the emotions have run high, low, and everywhere in between… I am shocked this week has already brought October and the beginning of my last 6 weeks here this fall. In my case, the saying “time flies when you are having fun” can definitely be modified to “island time flies when you are enjoying your projects.” Since last weekend my programs have only continued to blossom into concrete plans and I have had absolutely incredible personal experiences. To truly allow you all to vicariously live through my experience, this week’s post will not only give you a peek into the excitement of my past 2 weeks, but also give you a...
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Liberate Your Sole Tour - Episode 3

Another 10 days down and another 5 wonderful places on our tour! It's absolutely crazy how fast this tour is flying by. We started July in Carlsbad, New Mexico. We had a wonderful girl, Meg, who had purchased a pair of boots and some jewelry from us, and was kind enough to invite us to have a trunk show in Carlsbad. This was really the first time we had done a trunk show with someone we had literally never met before and in a city we had never been to. Meg, her husband, and her sister made us feel right at home. Her friends all came and were so sweet and excited and supportive-- by the end of the night...
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Drinking the Local Kool-Aid

     My first week in Guatemala has been a whirlwind of amazing experiences. My first few days were spent trying to absorb an enormous amount of information about how our boots are made, who makes them, where we get our textiles, who makes the textiles, where i'll be living, how i'll be living, etc. We worked with our boot-maker Carlos in our new shop that is actually just a small patio at his home. He cleared out some space for us and we built wooden shelves to store our materials and textiles and we got everything organized to make our boot shop as efficient as possible.      The boot process is quite involved, but i'll give a quick rundown here...
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