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The Teysha Journal — sonia

Teysha is a collective of explorers, travelers, designers, and adventurers. Take a peek behind the scenes of our handcrafted goods and our world travels.

Behind the scenes -- Sonia's story

Persistence.   Sonia’s life is the picture of dedication and persistence. When you first meet her, she is quiet, and even seems shy, but you quickly realize she has a powerful force within her. Her mind is always focused on managing the different aspects of her business. She is beyond humble, and with each year we get to know her, we realize how infinitely limitless her potential is.  We have had the privilege of getting to know Sonia’s story over the past three years.   Persistence and humility were instilled in Sonia by her father, whose story is riddled with tragedy and determination. By age eight, he was an orphan living on the streets, taking care of his two infant brothers. He...
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