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The Teysha Journal — small business

Teysha is a collective of explorers, travelers, designers, and adventurers. Take a peek behind the scenes of our handcrafted goods and our world travels.

Life on the Isla - First days in Panama

Hola ya’ll and mucho gusto (nice to meet you)! My name is Jackie Anderson and I am Teysha’s new community catalyst in Panama.  I met Teysha co-founders Sophie and Travis several years ago through an internship, and was absolutely ecstatic to receive the offer to join the team the day before I graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in International Nutrition this past May.  I love everything about Teysha’s main principles because they encompass all of the best practice concepts I learned about in the past 5 years of school.  What truly grabbed hold of me is our guiding vision of full circle empowerment in which young people like me are empowered to have a...
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Liberate Your Sole Tour- Episode 2

Greetings, greetings wonderful friends! Since we last left you we have been Kickin It all over the place.  From Atlanta, we headed to Athens, Georgia- Travis's college town for AthFest. Athfest felt like a young SXSW, with music coming out of every bar and restaurant in a mile radius. It was fun for Travis to be back in Athens and be able to share his business with friends old and new. In Athens, we had our first pop up shop at the lovely Terrapin Brewery and the next day set up at a music venue called New Earth. We had the pleasure of meeting in person our new intern, Brooke Davidson from UGA and she was so passionate about Teysha...
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Official Boot (fun) Business in Chichicastenango

     A trip to Chichicastenango, a few hours by bus from Antigua, can be an overwhelming experience - but the amazing collection of artisan goods being sold by the artists there make for an unforgettable experience. Artisans - men, women, and their families - make the journey to Chichicastenango each week to gain a wider audience for their goods, and tourists travel hundreds of miles to lay their eyes on this famed market.       I wanted my first visit to the market to be a real Guatemalan adventure, so I grabbed a chicken bus early in the morning that I was told went somewhere in the vicinity of Chichi. This bus dropped me off in a town called Chimaltenango and...
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Liberate Your Sole Tour- Week 1!

Wooh! Crazy how fast a week (or two) can go by! The past 11 days have been full of Nature, new friends, new cities, great food, music, lots of shoes and boots, and all around good times! Before we left Austin, we were in major preparation mode- getting the Teysha Nomad (our vehicle) ready, preparing our Bonnaroo display, organizing inventory, printing, trying to think of everything we could ever possibly need after arriving to Bonnaroo. It was much different compared to our booth at ACL where we were just 15 minutes away from home- now we were 15 hours away and going to be living on the Bonnaroo farm for 6 days...! We were nervous, excited, a bit frightened, but...
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Guate Boots - notes from the field

 Read on to learn more about some of the improvements and processes we're doing for Round 2 of Guate Boots! Yo folks, wanted to give y'all a little update on our efforts in Guatemala and a little forewarning that we are running out of space in Round 2 and that the price of our boots for round 3 may be going up a bit more. DEADLINE IS THURSDAY NIGHT! We have just released a whole bunch of beautiful vintage huipil tapestries so go check them out if you haven't reserved your pair. Now, I wanted to give y'all an update on the boot making front and the wonderful strides we're taking. First round, we made a quality boot but it...
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Teysha's 1 year anniversary!!!

  When did Teysha begin...? It could be said that Teysha begun 24 years ago when we were born. Or 8 years ago when we became close friends and co-dreamers on an environmental science trip to Hawaii. Or 6-8 years ago when we each made our first solo trip to Central America. Or 3 years ago when we were both doing life-changing internships and study abroad in the Americas. Or 2 years ago when we graduated from school, or in January 2012 when we set off to Panama, or in May 2012 when we had our first pop up shop. We're calling May the anniversary, but it's all relative :) The point being that Teysha, or the idea of Teysha...
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Teysha - A year of impact and keepin' it weird.

So it's been about a year in the making of Teysha. I don't know how that happened so quickly, but I guess it's true what they say... Time is BS. Anyway, a year ago we put our stake in the ground and declared our intent to shake up the system and build new and prosperous economies that truly invest in the source of their wealth: people and the planet. I would use the word 'launch' but that would make us sound like a start-up, we aspire to be more like an explorer of humanity and Earth using our successes to further our impact, expand to other communities, and make things happen. And yes! I'm finally blogging! To be honest, we...
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Guate Boots- job creation, craft preservation, community empowerment

So excited to introduce to you, GUATE BOOTS! Job creation, craft preservation, community empowerment   Our first week back in Guatemala has been a whirlwind of creation and excitement. We have been rocking and rolling gathering groups of artisans and boot makers to create the world's coolest boots. Job creation: The making of ONE pair of boots helps supplement the daily wage for at least 10 different artisans here. It truly is a community effort where everyone shares the work in order to create a pair of boots. In most cases, each of the ten artisans are working on several pairs of boots which further increases their day's wages. Craft preservation: Continuing Teysha's model of bringing together different groups of...
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Scion Motivate Contest--->Teysha Needs Your Help!

Calling All Teysha Supporters! Help Us Win the Scion Motivate Contest! About a week ago, Teysha entered the Scion Motivate Contest, an amazing opportunity in which young entrepreneurs working within the creative arts community showcase their businesses for the chance to win $10,000 and a brand new Scion of their choice! The contest required a short video submission, accompanied by a few essays about Teysha's mission and goals. After hours of tireless work and collaboration, we can't help but talk about how proud we are of our contest submission, whatever the outcome may be. WE NEED YOUR HELP A good portion of the contest involves expressing how much of a community we have already built up. Teysha prides itself on...
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We are so excited to announce the beginnings of our work in the wonderful country of Guatemala!  We have long been fascinated by this country, rich with history, art, and culture, and friendly people, and it is a true honor to have the opportunity to work there. Walking in the markets there feels like you are in the Mecca of hand crafted beauty. We'd like to take a moment and introduce to you our newest product, Guate Kicks! Our good friend Andres has been urging us to begin work in his home country of Guatemala. He introduced us to Sonia, who is famous in the markets of Antigua for making a lot of artisan goods. She and her community are the...
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