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April Boot Tour

A year ago we took a leap and landed into the world of custom hand-crafted boots. We started with a couple of pairs of boots, a small team of artisan cobblers, collected many-a-textiles from Mayan women throughout Antigua and got busy making our first round of boots. This leap propelled us into a wild journey of building supply chains, organizational processes, design, and all sorts of other challenges and has lead us to the point where we are actually creating our own shoe workshop where we can help many artisans gain access to the resources, designs, and knowledge to be a part of the global marketplace. Without you, none of this would ever have happened. We would like to invite...

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Drinking the Local Kool-Aid

     My first week in Guatemala has been a whirlwind of amazing experiences. My first few days were spent trying to absorb an enormous amount of information about how our boots are made, who makes them, where we get our textiles, who makes the textiles, where i'll be living, how i'll be living, etc. We worked with our boot-maker Carlos in our new shop that is actually just a small patio at his home. He cleared out some space for us and we built wooden shelves to store our materials and textiles and we got everything organized to make our boot shop as efficient as possible.      The boot process is quite involved, but i'll give a quick rundown here...

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