Artist Jelly Key has created a series of keys for our gaming machine shaped keyboards that are truly delightful.

At Vandal Ware we talk to you on numerous occasions about different keyboard models, types of switches and many other issues, but few as special as the manual work that we are going to youporn bring you today.

The artist Jelly Key has surprised the community with his latest creation, hand-made arcade-shaped keys that he puts up for sale in very small batches and that, in fact, he manufactures once he has received the order.

These arcade-shaped keys are inspired by porn games and hentai as popular as Tetris, Duck Hunt, Doom, Pac-Man or Dr. Mario and look as spectacular as you can see in the video or images that accompany this news.

Jelly has just opened xhamster a request for orders for these keys, which cost $ 50 per unit and arrive in a wooden box accompanied by a small metal badge with the serial number. In addition, all the keys are compatible with the Cherry MX mechanical switches, so you can put them without problem if you have a keyboard with these characteristics.