Teysha - Kuna Kicks | Ballet Flats & Smoking Slippers made from Molas

Kuna Kicks

Vibrant shoes for a vibrant world! Order now! 

  • 100% unique. 
  • Hand-made in Panama and Colombia
  • Embody our mission of craft preservation, job creation, and community empowerment
The  process  of  creating  our  Kicks  brings  together  artisans  from  various  communities,  because  we  believe   we  are  stronger  together.  We  are  dedicated  to  improving  the  lives  of  these  artisans,  and  putting  all  our   stakeholder's  welfare  at  the  front  and  center  of  any  design  or  business  decisions.  We  seek  to  make  the   most   positive   impact   possible   through   our   process.   Our   Kicks   showcase   amazing   artistic   talents   and   traditions  on  several  levels.  First,  the  Mola  textile  is  crafted  by  the  indigenous  Kuna  women  of  Panama   and  Colombia.  The  Mola  is  an  artform  that  has  been  around  for  hundreds  of  years,  and  the  Kuna  are  the   only   women   in   the   world   with   this   amazingly   intricate   skill.   By   working   together   to   create   shoes   and   other   goods,   we   are   opening   opportunities   for   hundreds   of   women   artisans   to   drive   demand   for   their   craft,  preserve  their  traditions,  and  empower  them  to catalyze change in their own communities.  
The  next  step  in  our  process  happens  in  Central  Colombia,  where  we  are  working  with  a  small,  tight-­‐knit   group   of   traditional   shoemakers   and   cobblers   who   in   turn   work   with   an   entire   eco   system   of   artisans:   leather   producers,   natural   rubber   harvesters,   and   natural   fiber   producers.   Our   small   group   of   highly   skilled  shoe  makers  have  over  150  years  of  combined  experience  in  the  art  of  shoemaking,  and  it  truly  is   an  art.  Each  component  is  lovingly  selected,  crafted,  and  created  into  a  one-­‐of-­‐a-­‐kind  pair  of  the  most comfortable shoes you've ever worn! And when we say one-­‐of-­‐a-­‐kind,   we   mean   it.   No   two   are   even   remotely   alike,   each   one   showcases   the   artistic   expression   and   creativity   of   the   artist.   Rock your world by supporting authentic art, the communities behind your products, and being unique!