Global Village Initiative

Global Village Initiative

A portion of our proceeds are committed to our Global Village Initiative which works to incubate social enterprises, provide educational opportunities, increase food security, create access to appropriate technologies, and off set our environmental impact through reforestation and sustainable agriculture initiatives. This amplifies our impact in our communities by providing a holistic approach to sustainable development and tailor our strategy based on each community.

First projects on the island of Ustupu in Kuna Yala, Panama

In partnership with Fundacion Luz y Fortaleza, Teysha is working with the community of Ustupu to create food security programs, a women's cooperative, eco tourism for the community, and several other projects that have been elected by the community. 



Teysha exists to forge a strong community, locally and globally. We believe that this strength comes when all parts of the community are supported: a healthy mind, body, economy, environment, and access to opportunities. Our initiatives and programs aim to support the whole of the community, getting closer to the roots of poverty and finding people-powered ways to prosperity. Teysha plans to collaborate and support on existing programs and efforts in the community, as well as develop community-led programs that balance innovation with tried and true results.


We believe that nature is all around us. We as humans are an integral part of nature and our acts are not independent of her, whether in a shopping mall or deep in the jungle. This belief is the central theme of our triangular symbol, based on the reality that we exist inside this natural and complex system, and that we are a critical part of its functionality. We must be stewards to the land and waters, reap what we sow, and do everything we can to rebuild natural ecosystems. It is our choice what we want nature to be; more concrete and oil or more fresh air and bio-diversity.

Sustainable agriculture is the most critical human system that must create to ensure a bright future. In the years to come, billions more will join us on this planet and it will take a very coordinated effort to create food systems that create stability and prosperity without wrecking our natural eco-systems. In fact, poverty is one of the primary causes of deforestation. For this reason we look to foster community development projects centered on sustainable food systems. We strongly believe that agroforestry, aquaculture and permaculture practices are the key to a secure future for all. Agriculture consumes an enormous percentage of our land and has eliminated massive tracts of native eco-systems, release massive amounts of greenhouse gases, and horribly pollute many eco-systems. Cultivating solutions is a matter of global security.